Why you should stop using Moded Whatsapp (Whatsapp Gb, Whatsapp Plus)

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows mobile phone users to exchange messages without having to pay for Short Message Services costs. WhatsApp Messenger application is compatible with different mobile phone models such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. WhatsApp is a closed source application owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp is the second most used Social Media App. Many people use WhatsApp almost on a daily basis. However, most of us have found its features a very limited so they’ve turned to other alternatives WhatsApp Mod versions. MOD is an acronym for the word “modified”. So, WhatsApp MOD is the modified version of original WhatsApp by Facebook. It’s developed over the official WhatsApp framework by third-party developers.whatsapp on playstore

Why do people use Whatsapp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods it offers people so much more than the official WhatsApp. Using Whatsapp Mods you get more freedoms like:

  1. Save your friends status straight to your gallery
  2. Hide last Seen and view others last seen
  3. Hide Blue Tick and view others last seen
  4. Hide Mic./Recording
  5. Use two WhatsApp on one device
  6. Hide Typing Status
  7. Custom Skin For Contact/Chats/Calls
  8. Personal Lock
  9. Send 90 Pictures in One Click With Real Quality.
  10. Send Video up to 30 MB
  11. Custom Launcher Icons
  12. Custom Notification Icon
  13. Custom Ticks Style Like- iOS Etc. Always Online
  14. Hide Notification
  15. Hide Sharing Menu
  16. And Much more

Due to that, WhatsApp Mods has seen a rise in popularity but is it really safe to use?

Only God knows, but I will suggest and advice you drop WhatsApp mods and use the official one. Download it here

This are reasons why you should not use WhatsApp mods or any other copied version of WhatsApp:

  1. It is not official: WhatsApp is not an open source project. The WhatsApp company has not shared its source code with no one else.
  2. WhatsApp is not an open-source platform –This means that nobody can copy-paste the code by making a few changes and launch it as a separate product. Such apps are cloned and might steal your information by adding a few extra lines of codes tracking your activities.
  3. Not on play store –Do you know why GB WhatsApp is not allowed on play store and app stores? Because they don’t comply with the policies and rules. the developer might include a malware in the application which you might not be able to find or trace.moded whatsapp
  4. Your Data is at Risk – Who knows, whether the developer of the modded apk is messing with our data. So, there is definitely a risk of data privacy. Checking from another point, no developer will waste his time modding the applications by jumping over the code, unless there is a reason behind it. So possibly these guys are stealing your data, chats, and images for their usage. A developer can add a Key Logger so that everything you type will be stored in their server.
  • Your online transaction via your phone they may copy those keystrokes of your card data to clone your card.
  • Anything you send or receive will not have an end to end encryption like original WhatsApp, and a developer can receive the private data including image and videos.
  • They have access to read your SMS, so if they want to do scam on your bank account they can receive the OTP before you know.
  • Your memory access is also there, so any private file in your phone is not safe.
  1. It deletes your chats- With the little experience, I have had with many WhatsApp plus or any WhatsApp mod user. They all lost their chats regularly. Why is that so? The official WhatsApp will never lose your chats or delete your chats only if you have issues with your phone memory. How can you keep memories or remember business transactions or conversations done with a client with a lost chat?moded whatsapp
  2. Too many Ads: The developer of WhatsApp Moded versions add Many irritating and annoying advertisement floating on your screen which is never connected to your interests. Too many ads especially pop-ups can make your phone slower or freeze your phone.
  3. No Privacy Policy: The link on any Moded WhatsApp version links to the official WhatsApp privacy policy page. The official WhatsApp and Moded WhatsApp’s have different functions and operations so they should have different policy pages.

In conclusion:

Moded WhatsApp either WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Plus are not trusted. I advise you to stick to the official version, but if you care less about your privacy and want to enjoy the features of the Moded WhatsApp you can use it. But I will never use it!

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