NNU Review – is it Legit or Scam?, How to register for NNU, How to earn about 25000 or More every month with NNU? Read this before you Join

Hi There, I’d be making an NNU income program review today; is it a scam or it is Legit?

Since MMM Nigeria program came into Nigeria and scammed most Nigerians, Nigeria has not really gotten any reliable online making medium that allows youths, students, adults, and even civil servants to make a passive income online. The Nigeria News Update (NNU) been the first and an indigenous program to let people make passive income sitting at home or in their offices and seeing the cash flowing in.

Am sure you have seen or heard people claiming It’s a legit online business in Nigeria that you can earn up to N50,000+ monthly, is that so?

I will Review NNU with few Questions:

  • What is NNU?
  • Who is Behind NNU operations?
  • How NNU works?
  • Is NNU legit?
  • How to make money on NNU?
  • What you need to register on NNU?
  • NNU Coupon Code or Paystack Payment?
  • How to register on NNU?
  • My Application has been Accepted what Next?
  • How can you earn about 25000 or More every month with NNU?

What is NNU?

NNU Means Nigerian News Update. The NNU Income Program (NIP)It is a program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning an opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for a participant to earn passive income on a monthly basis. NNU is a platform that pays you for reading news, Commenting on news, Posting news on your Twitter or Facebook timeline, it also pays for daily Logins and Inviting people as referrals. Sounds too good to be true right? – Yes, it is Very Very True.

NNU is not a Get rich overnight scheme, and it can also be a get rich overnight scheme for you😉. It is a double your hustle idea created in July 2017.

Who is Behind NNU Operations?

NNU is owned by G-Cyber Technologies, A professional web, and ICT business registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (2453653).was created by a young Nigerian entrepreneur and blogger Paul Samson. Paul Samson is an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, freelancer and a Blogger who has achieved a lot and already made a good living using the internet daily.

NNU is registered in Nigeria, So trust me they wouldn’t mess with your money…

How NNU works?

On NNU terms and Condition page it states Members must be 18 years to participate. NNU doesn’t allow multiple accounts. NNU Does not refund Registration fees (NIP Pack).

After earning in a month. NNU minimum payout is N5000 (5000 Naira). Referral earners get paid first until available monthly revenue is finally exhausted, people without referrals might not get paid. It is advisable to get at least 2 referrals per month. See why. NNU transfers what you earn to your bank account. Click here to See my payment Evidence.  If you did not get paid while you have earned N5,000 threshold, it doesn’t mean you won’t get paid while the system keeps running. You only need to earn more for you to have a share on the following month revenue payout. The withdrawal form is opened from 1st of the month to early morning 25th of every month while we start payout from 27th till the end of the month. NNU publishes their payment list this shows transparency. NNU has a contact email which solves your problems in 3 to 4 days. All NNU process deals with patience.

“The Patient dog eats the fattest bone”

IS NNU IS Legit?

On Tuesday, 28th of August 2018 as a new member who didn’t take NNU so serious got paid 5000 Naira. So it is 100% Legit. Please Continue reading to Understand how NNU works

Click here to See my payment Evidence.

How to make money on NNU?

Making money on NNU is easy, Lemme Break down ways you can earn from NNU.

  1. 1.Daily login:
      You get paid daily just for logging in to your account. Just kidding🤣😂 Lol, it is true. NNU Pays 50 naira to you when you log in each day.
  2. 2. Reading post and Commenting :
      When you open a post and Leave comments on the Post you open. you get paid. Its Hard to believe right?. Its true NNU is simple isn’t it?. NNU releases new news at almost every Minutes in a day.
  3. 3.Posting Forum Topic:
      If you are a good writer Congratulations. lol, you just got 100 naira Every day NNU pays people for Submitting posts on their Forum.
  4. 4.Referral: 
  5. This is the highest paying NNU Earning option. NNU pays you 1000 for each person you bring to register with your referral name. So imagine if you bring all your classmates to register for NNU.

I will advise you use all these methods. Don’t pick one means to earn on NNU.

What you need to register on NNU?

NNU registration process is not hard. If you signed up for Facebook by your self you should be able to register. You don’t need any official Documents or official permission from anyone or signed documents. No all you need is:

  • 1600 Registration Fee (One Time Payment)
  • An Active Email
  • A phone number
  • A Device you can use to access the internet (Phone, Tablet or Laptop)
  • A Nigerian Account to receive your earnings.
  • An Active Facebook account.

Let me talk more about The 1600 Naira registration fee. The 1600 Naira registration fee which you will need to pay ones to register, it is not like mmm that you will have to pay regularly. The payment is a one-time payment. The 1600 is NOT a source of income for NNU because NNU pays you way more than that. The registration fee is also used as Limitation to discourage people from registering multiple times because multiple accounts on NNU is not allowed. The money is also used to make members of NNU serious, With the current situation of Nigeria’s economy, I don’t think you will want to dash out 1600 Naira and not be serious with it.

How to register on NNU?

Step 1: To register for NNU. Click on the link to Register, you will be directed to the page that you can register and Make payments.

NNU registration page
NNU registration Page

After clicking this link to Register, you will be redirected to the page above. In the name part, Enter your Full Name as you registered it with your Bank Account. Enter your email and ensure the email is active because NNU communicates to all members with the email they register.

Step 4. Enter your Phone Number

Step 5: Ensure “ifeadeniyi” is correct on the referral page or copy “ifeadeniyi” and paste in the referral namespace to enable me to get my commission.😉. Please Do not leave it empty. if you are confused WhatsApp me on 08065591855..

In the referral, Name field Write ifeadeniyi

Step 6: Enter your username as you choose. In my own case, my username is “ifeadeniyi”

Step 7: Set a strong password to allow your account to be secured.

Step 8: Choose your payments method either Paystack (formally Voguepay) or Coupon Code and click make payment. This will lead me to explain the difference between the two payment methods.

Don’t Forget to check the I have read and agree to the website. 

NNU Coupon Code or Paystack Payment?

NNU has two types of Payment methods for new members to register. They are Coupon Code and Paystack. Both of them are good but I prefer paying with my card securely using a Paystack payment gateway and i advise you use paystack. you will soon see why.


To use NNU Coupon, you need to contact an NNU coupon Code vendor, you will have send or transfer the N1600 to their bank account, Show them the payment evidence or receipt to verify you actually paid then you will receive the coupon. This is the slowest method especially when the vendor is not always online to see your screenshot. Click here to Contact NNU Coupon Vendors.

The Advantages of using Paystack is that your transaction will be approved immediately and your account will be approved instantly without you waiting and also you will earn up to N52 (Daily Login).

How to register for NNU using Paystack.

Steps 1: Tick Paystack as a payment method then click make payment.

Step 2: You will be redirected to another page, Enter your ATM card details.

Step 3: Your bank will send you an OTP (One Time Password) Enter it and continue and your transaction is approved.

If you feel you cannot do all these or you are confused you can contact me on WhatsApp: +2348065591855. The only way I can Assist you is by helping you to register while you send the Naira equivalent to my account.

But if you feel you can complete your registration alone, simply follow my Referral link here to Register and I will receive a commission just for telling you about NNU. I hope you understand? Let’s make the money together.😁😁😁

My Application has been Accepted what Next?

Once your Application has been approved. The first thing to do is to edit your profile, Login in your dashboard, Click profile and add your Facebook Profile link. Add your bank account details in payment settings.

Then start participating in NNU activities. Happy Earning…

How can you earn about 25000 or More every month with NNU?

Have you ever imagined making 25000 in a month outside your workplace but from your home?. In this table below i will show you how you can make up to 25000 per month on NNU.

Activities Earning Earning Per Day Earning Per month
Daily Login 50 50 50 x 30 = 1500
Reading and commenting on News 2 2 x 150 = 300

(The 150 there implies to How many news NNU releases per day, NNU releases more than that on each day, so I imagined you read 150 news in each day). You will get 300.

300 x 30 = 9000
Sharing Sponsored Posts 100 100 100 x 30 = 300
Referral 1000
1000 x 10 = if you refer 10 people that’s 10000 for you =10000
Creating of Forum Topics 100
100 x 30 = If you create forum topics every day and it gets accepted = 3000
Total About 500 per day without referral Almost 25000

When you login NNU you earn 50 per day. if you log in every day of the month. 50 x 30 gives you 1500 for the month, when you read posts on NNU, you earn 2 naira per post you read. NNU releases more than 150 news per day. even in the midnight they till publish posts lol. if you read 150 news in a day that is 2 x 150 = 300, In a month 300 x 30 = 9000. Sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook or Twitter profile, You earn 100 per day if you share each day Sponsored post, 100 x 30 = 300. If you create a forum topic and NNU accepts it Congratulations you have earned your self 3000 extra per month. If you Invite up to 10 people in a month you get 10000. On NNU I just showed you how to make at least 500 or more per day and 25000 per month.

For more information contact me on WhatsApp: 08065591855 or email me on: admin@ifeadesblog.com.ng