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5 Best Cloning Apps on Android to Run Multiple Accounts [No Root Required]


A cloning app can make an Android user run multiple accounts or instances of the same app or software. You can have different accounts for different purposes, Like having one account for Friends and Family and another related to your work and business only or Private life.  A cloning app can make this task easier and let you run multiple accounts at once on one device. In Summary, a cloning App makes one app become Apps.

The Following are the 5 best cloning apps on Android:

You can easily create duplicate accounts and run them simultaneously. You can also use themes to add styles. Parallel Space also has the ability to protects the user’s privacy and makes the cloned apps invisible it comes with an Incognito Browser that deletes the browser’s history, cookies etc. With this app, you can switch quickly between the original and duplicate apps because of the shortcut Option. All apps are supported for a second account in Parallel Space. Data from both accounts won’t interfere with each other.

Download Parallel Space Here

App Cloner creates duplicate apps that work independently from the original apps and runs smoothly. Using this app, you can clone WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and share or save the cloned apps. You can also replace the launcher icons. You can Change the app display size, language, font & font size. App Cloner has the ability to protect its user’s privacy by Password-protected apps, Incognito mode for apps, Change Android ID, hide IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC, Prevent app from appearing in screenshots, Change location.

Download App Cloner Here:

AppClone- Multi Account allows you to create multiple copies of games and apps so that you can keep some accounts private and others public. You can easily swipe between the original and duplicate app if you want to use them simultaneously. AppClone- Multi Accounts supports two languages English, Hindi For Indian users. It has an app Locker to Lock private Apps, Photos, Videos and store the data in a secure location which are providing by the app. App clone- Multi Account has shortcuts for easy Access for cloned apps to enable Easier Navigation. You can also manage Cloned Apps notification with the Notification Manager.

Download AppClone- Multi Account Here 

2 Accounts app creates multiple accounts so that you can work simultaneously on different apps on one device. You can open two accounts of any app or game and simultaneously use both at the same time. The app allows you to switch fast between the interfaces. You can also lock your apps from intruders. 2 Accounts App also Provides a separate storage for cloned apps and data.

Download Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts Here 


Nox App Multiple Account Clone App enables users to have multiple game and app accounts on one device. You can clone any app in NoxApp+ to run parallel accounts. NoxApp+ is compatible with most Android apps and games. There is no interference between multiple accounts. Receive notifications separately and effectively. You can clone up to 3 instances for the same app in this version, which means creating 2 accounts or 3 accounts at the same time.
Nox App Multi Account Gives users Full-featured functions of multiple accounts management and privacy protection by using gesture password to further protect your privacy. You can Customize notification styles for each app.

Download NoxApp+ – Multiple accounts clone App Here. 


Note: Not all apps can be cloned! Cloned apps may crash, show errors or work incorrectly.

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