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How to host WiFi Hotspot from a Windows 10 PC (No App Required)


You can share your Windows 10 internet network through WiFi just like a mobile hotspot. The hotspot works with Modems, WiFi networks, Ethernet or cellular data connection. Microsoft added this option in settings to prevent users from downloading other hotspot Apps that makes the system Lag or slower. The Hotspot setting is easy and Free to use but unfortunately not all Windows 10 users have this setting. The settings update was given based on the Specifications and feature of the user’s computer. So some users might not find it available on their computers.

How to Set Up a WiFi Hotspot from a Windows 10 Pc.

      1. Open The Start Menu by clicking or pressing the  Button in the bottom left corner of the desktop
      2. Click on the Settings Button  in the bottom left corner on top of the Power Button icon

      1. Click on Network & Internet Menu.                                                    
      2. On the left Side Bar check for the Mobile hotspot Menu.                                                    Note: Some computers might not have this Menu. If your computer doesn’t have this option then you need to download other Hotspot Apps like Connectify Me (Recommended), My WIFI Router.

    1. Select Edit to change the network name and password to your choice

  1. Then click  Save. (Your new password and Username is saved)

  2. Turn on Share my Internet connection with other devices.

  3. To connect the wifi created to other devices (Phones, Tablets, Other Computers). Go to the Wi-Fi settings on that device then search for the network name, select it, enter the correct password, and then connect the device.

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