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How to download YouTube Videos to iPhone & iPad


Have you been wishing to have Youtube videos offline to your Ipad or Iphone device?.  Here’s are some guides to some Free YouTube downloader apps that do the hard work for you. ?

Apple has cracked down on apps that overtly claim to download YouTube video to your iPhone or iPad. However, it is still possible in iOS 9 and iOS 10. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to download YouTube videos to iOS.

YouTube promised to introduce offline watching, but this has only happened in the form of YouTube Red, which is an ad-free subscription service that’s available only in the US at the moment.

Currently, you can use Documents 6 to download videos directly on your iPhone or iPad. This is available only in the Apple App Store


Open Savefrom.net in Documents 6

We’re going to use a website called Savefrom.net and the app Documents 6, which between them will allow you to download a YouTube video then transfer it to Photos. Once a video is in Photos it’s easy to view and share further.

Install Documents 6 – you can download it from the App Store. Once installed, open the app and click on the browser icon, which looks like a small compass (on iPhone this is in the bottom right-hand corner; on iPad, it’s in the left-hand menu).

Type “savefrom.net” (without the quote marks) into the address bar at the top and you’ll open the website.


Enter the Youtube  URL

Now you need to enter the correct URL for the video you want to save.

If you’ve got the video open in Safari (or any other iPhone or iPad browser) you just need to hold down your finger on the top URL address and then tap Copy. If you’re viewing it in the YouTube app, hit the share icon and select Copy Link.

Now re-enter Documents 6 and paste the URL into the white rectangular box at the top of Savefrom.net. (Tap the white box, hold down your finger and tap Paste.

Once you’ve added the URL you’ll see a thumbnail of the video, some quality options and a big green ‘Download’ button, which you can hit when you’re happy that everything is right.

Save and Download the Video


You’ll now see a save dialogue box. Feel free to rename the file (which will by default take the video’s title on YouTube) and select Done.

Your video will now start to download. Remember that you might be downloading a large file, so ensure you’re on a Wi-Fi connection or have enough data on your iOS device to deal with it.

If you open the Downloads section of the app (it’s a downward-pointing arrow; on iPad, this is at the top right corner) you can see the video downloading, with an X to cancel; once it’s finished this X will be replaced by a little eye.

Move the videos to Photos

Documents 6 has a section called, well, Documents. Open this, then tap Downloads, and you’ll see downloaded videos complete with thumbnails and more information.

We’re going to move the video into the Photos app, and this can be done easily by just dragging and dropping. Tap and hold the video, and drag it on to the Documents label, and then on to Photo Albums, and finally Camera Roll.

(Depending on your settings and whether you’ve done this before, you may be asked to give Documents 6 permission to access Photos; agree to this. If you need to change these permissions in future, open the Settings app and tap Privacy > Photos, then tap the slider next to Documents.)

Open the Photos app and you’ll see your downloaded video. Bear in mind that it won’t necessarily appear at the bottom of the list; from what we can tell Photos will file it under the date when it was posted to YouTube rather than when you downloaded it.

In the Photos app, you can go to Albums > Videos to make it easier to find.


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