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Powerful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software


T here are many powerful websites where you could run alternatives to desktop software within your web browser Because they are web based they will work on every operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. Today I will show you 10 powerful websites that do amazing jobs of replacing your PC software.

 1. Powtoon:

This is an animation software that allows users to create animated presentations. You can also create by using pre-created objects, imported images provided music and users created voiceovers. The pre-made templates make it easy to create powerful presentations in a very short time. There is a free version to get you started. The premium plan starts at $19 per month.

Link: Powtoon


It is a free online converter that can easily convert just about any media file that you have on your computer (Audio, Video, Images, Documents and others). For example, if you have a  .mpg video file that I want to convert to .mp4, under the video converter section select a target format (Convert to mp4), there are a few options which are either browsing your computer for the file or enter the URL  of the file (Dropbox or Google drive) . you can also change the characteristics of a file you want to convert.

Link: Online Convert


Google Play Music

Google play music is one of the music services that are not popular. You can upload close to 50000 songs from your computer into the cloud and listen to your music anywhere. Including your web browser. it is free of charge. they do offer a paid streaming service like Spotify or Apple music.

Link: Google Play Music

Google Drive Suite

it offers free alternatives to Microsoft Office. These alternatives are not as fully featured but will be enough for the average user and the collaboration features are really good.

If you looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office the google drive office suite may be what you are looking for.

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