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How to get the Latest update of any Android app before other users on Google Playstore.

Written by IfeAde

Getting the update of an App is what most users expect. When an app is updated it fixes the bugs and improves the performance of the other version. An update also changes the design of the app. An update also adds more features to an app. For example Whatsapp Adding Voice and video calls to the app.

Google play dispense updates using Staged Rollouts. Stage Rollouts dispense app updates to a certain percentage of users. Beta Users are the first priority on the Staged Rollouts list. Beta users test the apps after Alpha users. Alpha users are users within the organization developing the software. They test the apps first before releasing it to beta users which are outside the company for real-world exposure.

Being A Beta user makes you receive app updates faster than other audiences or users.

How to be a Beta user on Google Play store:

  1. Download and install Google Play Store (Download here)

Note: Google play comes with all Android Devices there is no need to Download it if it is already installed on your phone.

2. Launch Google Play App

3. Navigate to the App you want to activate Beta User on (I will be using WhatsApp for this Guide).

Search for “Whatsapp” on the search bar.

4.  Scroll Down till you find “Become a beta tester

You have successfully opted in for getting updates before any other user.


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